This is for my father. This is a big FUCK YOU to those times he made me feel ashamed, fearful, less than, alienated, and repulsed by myself. This is to shatter the binaries he perpetuated within my home. For the times I wished he’d protect me from society’s utterly ignorant, repugnant, and chronic judgement; when I sought shelter in his arms only to find rejection and punishment. It is time to reclaim what’s been stolen from me, time to regain my voice and presence. Time to validate my existence. 

I am here and I’m worth every bit as much as you and more. You will no longer silence me. You’ll find your attempts to strip me from my identity in vain. You’ll see this and laugh because to you I’m just an ugly freak in a dress but, I’m not. I represent the strength you’ll never have, the love you’ll never know, and the courage you only dream of. 

It’s kind of funny how I still wish you growth and freedom. Growth from that hateful place you dwell in and freedom from the chains of servitude this heteronormative society has enslaved you with. Break free! 

And all of you, don’t forget - Touch this skin, honey. Touch all of this skin, darling! 

Thank you for this. I don’t know you, but I already love you.