If any of you fine folx are going to Idapalooza this weekend…

say, “hayyy!”

you've been to IDA before, right? i saw a picture post. can you tell me more about yr thoughts about ida... reasons for going...were there other qpocs at the event or is it mainly a lot of white queers .. whats the pro & cons??

I love getting drunk in the woods with queers, dressing up and being every sort of sickening with Atlanta femmes(and those who adore us), naked wading at the waterfall, and lots of the music.

I hate that there aren’t many pocs there, and I hate how I’ve felt coldness from the majority of folks I’ve interacted with there. I also hate that at what’s supposed to be a safe space I hear people using ableist, transmisogynist, and racial slurs(hearing these words once or twice is more than too much). Being one of only a handful of pocs, and listening to the shit some of these kids are saying, I can’t help but wonder if the cold shoulder has to do with my being black.

My first experience with ida involved some of the people who live there being pretty rude to me when I told them we could only pay $20 each for the weekend. This is a pretty crusty festival, so I can’t imagine that they take this approach with everyone who doesn’t have the recommended donation. Their shortness with me made me even more conscious of the fact that this wasn’t really safe space for me being black, fat, and femme.

All these white kids have this idea that we’re all in the woods together being queer and sharing community, but that’s not a reality for anyone who isn’t thin, able-bodied, AFAB, white, and masculine-coded-as-androgynous. 

TBH, I wouldn’t go to ida if I didn’t have such an amazing group that I go with. When we’re getting dressed and doing each other’s makeup and dancing and fucking I’m having the best goddamn time but then I get cocky and interact with un-vetted white folks and it simply never goes well.

Anyway, if you or any other poc are planning on going to ida I would love to meet you, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

All of the pictures I see of Ida are of the beautiful woods and the naked androgynous masses, but my version of Ida is full of glitter and dirty femme fashion shows and lazers.