My new bandaids have gold chains on them.

My new bandaids have gold chains on them.


i go on my tumblr and it’s like “annoying white people saying annoying white people things” on my tumblelog and i’m like “ugh i need to post pictures of my beautiful face and write about my awesome life so i see that instead of boring reblogs that i would have preferred ended days ago”

in self-interested news, got the best brow wax of my life yesterday. the first picture is from last night when i got home, and they still had a little bit of the shaping pencil on them that the tech used to guide my ~future brow growth pattern~. she didn’t try to get me to wax off my mustache like she did before i started testosterone when it was much lighter and less sparse, which made me feel really good. i am glad i got over my fear of getting my brow waxed and being shamed for having a mustache or “upper lip hair” (uhh, no). i used to hate my mustache so much because every time i went to get my nails/hair/brows done the people working in whatever salon would always try to get me to get rid of it. and duh, of course, cause people are on their hustle. that’s what you gotta do, sell services. but there was always a tone of authority and shaming and to be honest, confusion/embarassment when i would decline. and there are few things i love better than a properly shaped brow, so i’m glad that i was just like “whatever i’m doing it and if she tells me i need to get rid of my stache i will say that i love it and then while she prepared the wax go on my phone and look at pictures of various beautiful femmes with facial hair” but instead, everything just went great. happy brows, happy boy. denise at queen nails II on telegraph & 25th in oakland is the best. <3 <3 <3 

the second picture is from earlier today, before an interview for an internship at a book publishing company. i took that awkward smile pic and texted it to my mom because texting pictures of myself to my mom makes me feel less nervous?? idk. after i met with the staff, i was taken into the basement warehouse stock room (via an old dreamy beautiful freight elevator) and told i could put as many books in my backpack as i could fit. never have i so regretted packing my (small) backpack full of snacks, my notebooks, and an extra pair of shoes cause i couldn’t really fit much. (i did get three books though: radical acts  about theatre and teaching theatre thru a lens of feminist-of-color methodologies, banned by alice walker, and this huge like 2000 page long anthology of women writers from the 20th century that features like, most of my favorite authors from the 20th century. p.s. lani, i didn’t take a picture like i said i would. i wore black pants and the tassel shoes and a skinny green belt that belongs to anna.

i saw that picture on the sidewalk and messaged it to a glittercat because it’s true.

after i sat in a taqueria for a long time and then hung out with my friend nico who is just one of the sweetest humans i have ever known in my whole life and i love them to pieces and am the most grateful ever for my friends, and i am so happy that i finally have friends in california, like lots of them who love each other and we spend time together and not just awkwardly go to shows together maybe once a month. ahh, i wanna cry a little bit. <3 <3 <3

oh also today was so beautiful and dry and warm and i rode my bike in the sun a lot. so california i would like to kiss you and thank you for being good to me (if you want that)